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Visiting us

Our reception is open:
Mon – Tue 8:00am to 8:00pm – (calls after 6.30pm are diverted to out of hours service)
Wed – Fri 8:00am to 6:30pm – (calls after 6.30pm are diverted to out of hours service)
Sat 9:00am to 5:00pm ( calls after 1pm will be diverted to the out of hours service)

Cancel an appointment

If you can no longer make your
appointment, please let us know.Tel: 020 7538 0833 or email


New method for online consultations from Monday 1st August 2022

From Monday 1st August 2022, we will be using a new online consultation service for you to contact us for medical or admin requests. Many patients told us the existing method is lengthy and time consuming, so this new form is very simple, with only a few questions about your request. Submitting your requests online is vital for us to be able to offer as many patients the correct care, and increase our capacity to meet demand.

Please access the new form from Monday 1st August 2022, by clicking ‘Online Consultation’ on the home page of the website.

GP CPCS (Community Pharmacist Consultation Service)

We are participating in a new approach to improve access for patients to GP appointments. The aim is to direct patients to the most appropriate healthcare professional, which may be a GP or a pharmacist. From 1st May 2022, if your symptoms could be resolved by a booked consultation with the pharmacist instead of the GP, you will be given a same-day referral to a pharmacy of your choice. We think this is a good thing. Once you see how great your local pharmacist is – they are highly trained and skilled clinicians experienced in treating minor illnesses – we don’t think you’ll look back. This will also help us to free up GP appointments for people with more complex health needs and ensure that everyone gets treated at the right time, by the right healthcare professional

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Proof of vaccination

We are unable to issue certificates at the practice. To prove you have been vaccinated, you will need the NHS App.
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St Paul’s Way is seeking a new health care provider

The current provider at St Paul’s Way Medical Centre is MEEBBB Health CIC. The contract with MEEBBB Health CIC expires on 30th September 2022.
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Watch our YouTube Channel

Find out about the practice, meet the team and learn more about our community on our YouTube Channel.
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